VNI offers a range of comprehensive market research services catering for local and international clients that want to get a deep understanding of both urban and rural India life.

VNI offers clients a wide range of customised quantitative and qualitative market research techniques and solutions, including proprietary market feedback models covering areas of brand health, tracking, segmentation and advertising effectiveness. Our strength lies in our approach to service.

At VNI, our purpose is simple. We’re here to help you go to market with confidence, improve your advertising effectiveness, increase your sales, maximize your return on investment, and even foster better relationships with your employees.

We’ll do all these things by gathering the right business intelligence. And here’s a look at the questions we ask to answer yours:

  • Is the Price Right? – Are you charging your customers too much? Or not enough? We’ll help you land on the magic number that will yield more profit.
  • Product or Service Concept Testing – Which concept has the best shot at being successful? Our system streamlines the research process by screening early-stage ideas to help you go to market with the right concept.
  • Opportunity Gap Finder – What does your product offer consumers? Are they expecting more? Or less? We’ll uncover the answers.
  • Purchase Decision Tree – What leads your target to part with their money? We’ll walk you through their shopping journey by mapping a Purchase Decision Tree.
  • Advertising Approaches and Graphic Design – Are you taking the right approach with your advertising and packaging? Find out before you commit your marketing budget.
  • Brand Health – Assess your brand health through the lenses of several different microscopes.
  • Really Satisfied – Are your customers happy? Find out with customer surveys that are designed to get the right answers for your industry.
  • Buying Habits – How, where, and when do your customers shop? Our buying habits surveys uncover everything you need to know to create a better shopping experience.
  • On Target – Hit your target and you’ll hit your numbers. Expand your target through market segmentation and anything’s possible.
  • Website Surveys – We’ll help you improve your website by asking your customers the right questions.